Saga Copenhagen
Danish design. Beautiful pure, organic baby essentials.
Stylish, sustainable essentials.
Sleek, natural baby essentials inspired by nature.
Albetta Baby
Beautifully designed, sustainable essentials and toys.
Rubens Barn organic mini Ecobuds sitting in a row
Rubens Barn
Swedish design. Soft, tactile, inclusive organic dolls.
Toddler with sustainable HEVEA branded colourful rubber pacifier dummy in mouth
Danish design. Natural rubber, non-toxic by nature.

Eco-friendly and organic baby + toddler essentials

Nature's Little Ones is home to a carefully curated selection of eco-friendly, modern essentials for babies and toddlers.

Focused on minimalistic designs, muted colour palettes, style and quality, Nature's Little Ones is the perfect boutique destination for gorgeous gifting as well as sustainable and organic baby products for everyday use.

Black + White Baby Sensory Swaddles & Comforters

Shop our eco-friendly, black and white sensory swaddles and baby cuddle cloths!

Our biggest ever mid-season sale!

Final reductions. Ends soon.

Our commitment to the planet

We're supporting Tree Nation's global efforts by planting one tree for every order placed.

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Black and White for Babies

Black and White for Babies

This blog post is all about exploring black and white for babies.  It touches on why black and white products are beneficial for your little ones, when babies can start seeing colours and which types of products are great for encouraging newborn cognitive, physical and visual development!
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How To Choose a Dummy for a Baby or Toddler-Nature's Little Ones

How To Choose a Dummy Shape for a Baby

One of the confusing parts of new parenthood that I found, was trying to navigate the rather complex world of different dummy shapes! Questions such as whether or not we would use one at all, and if so how to choose a dummy, what the different teat shapes are and the differences in materials such as natural rubber dummies or silicone baby dummies.  If you find yourself in the same boat, hopefully this article will help make things a little clearer for you, and help you to make an informed decision.
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3 Tips To Stop Black Friday Fatigue and Avoid Overspending-Nature's Little Ones

3 Tips To Stop Black Friday Fatigue and Avoid Overspending

It's that time of year again!  We don't know about you, but we have been overwhelmed with the constant stream of advertising, and aggressive marketing messages hitting us in the lead up to Black Friday.  Every year is the same!  If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with Black Friday and how to navigate it, these 3 simple tips are for you! 
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