Babies modelling Saga Copenhagen sustainable baby products
Saga Copenhagen
Danish design. Beautiful pure, organic baby essentials.
Stylish Danish designs for modern families. Simplicity at its best.
Beautifully designed, sustainable essentials and toys.
Simple, minimalist Swedish bamboo dinnerware for babies & toddlers.
Rubens Barn organic mini Ecobuds sitting in a row
Rubens Barn
Swedish design. Soft, tactile, inclusive organic dolls.
Toddler playing wearing an eco-friendly LittleLamb reusable nappy
Ethically made. Environmentally friendly. Exceptional quality.
Toddler with sustainable HEVEA branded colourful rubber pacifier dummy in mouth
Danish design. Natural rubber, non-toxic by nature.
Sustainable Silicone Bibs.

Nature's Little Ones is home to a carefully curated selection of eco-friendly, modern essentials for babies & toddlers.

With a focus on minimalistic designs, muted colour palettes, style and quality, Nature's Little Ones is the perfect boutique destination for gorgeous gifting as well as eco-friendly, sustainable items for every day use.

Meet Your New Heroes!

Soft, colourful and made with 100% organic cotton, the Albetta best-selling superhero soft toys are the perfect companions for girls and boys alike!

Organic Cotton Fox Soft Towelling Toy
Rubens Tummies Organic Cotton Doll Summer-Organic Cotton Toys & Dolls-Rubens Barn-Nature's Little Ones
Organic Cotton Goose Baby Comforter Dusty Green-Comforter-Saga Copenhagen-Dusty Green-Nature's Little Ones
Organic Cotton Knit Baby Throwing Mouse Light Grey-Organic Cotton Toys & Dolls-Saga Copenhagen-Light Grey-Nature's Little Ones
The Best Minimalist Gifting Strategy for Babies and Children

The Best Minimalist Gifting Strategy for Babies and Children

With all the best intentions, it can be really hard to practice minimalist principles with children because people love to buy children gifts - parents and caregivers included!  Because of this, it is really important to make sure you have established a gifting strategy from the outset, one that you follow in your own home, and that you can share with anyone who is likely to buy your child or children a gift. 
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5 Baby Essentials To Pack For An Eco-Friendly Hospital Bag-Nature's Little Ones

5 Baby Essentials To Pack For An Eco-Friendly Hospital Bag

Perhaps you're a first time Mum who hadn't really given much thought as to which items to pack for baby in a hospital bag, or you've been here before but would like to consider a more eco-friendly hospital bag items this time round. 

This blog post is to offer some suggestions and ideas as to eco-friendly items and products you might consider including in your hospital bag.

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5 Benefits of Wooden Toys for Babies & Toddlers-Nature's Little Ones

5 Benefits of Wooden Toys for Babies & Toddlers

This blog post is not about 'good toys vs bad toys.'  It is all about bringing to light the qualities of wooden toys for babies and children, highlighting the features and benefits of baby wooden toys, and focussing on the 5 benefits that make them the preferred option for your little ones!
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