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How To Use A Prefold Nappy

Prefold nappies are a great option for newborn babies as they allow for you to 'fit' the nappy to baby's size, which is particularly useful for smaller newborns and premature babies who may not initially fit the birth to potty, or sized reusable nappies from birth.  


Muslin prefolds are fantastic because they skip some of the more complicated folding elements that come with using a traditional flat muslin or flat terry nappy.  Prefolds are already pre-folded into 3 sections with the middle being double the thickness of the outer sections.  Simply secure the folded nappy with a nappy fastener and add a waterproof wrap, and you've got yourself a secure, flexible, and economical nappy option for your newborn.

Prefold Nappy Folds Infographic


There are so many fantastic reasons to opt for prefolds, particularly during baby's first weeks and months.  During this time, newborns require a lot of nappy changes!  Prefolds particularly in sustainable, natural fibres are durable and can withstand multiple washes at reasonably high temperatures.  They are also quick to dry which makes the washing and drying cycle pretty easy to manage.  

Not only this, but prefolds are a sustainable option in terms of longevity of use.  They can be folded in multiple ways to get the longest use out of the nappy whilst baby is small, and once you have stopped using your prefolds as a nappy they can be used as a booster inside pocket nappies to boost their absorbency.  

Finally, the prefold nappy system is great for saving the pennies!  They are relatively low-cost as you're not buying multiple styles and colours of nappy and trialing various fits and kits.  Waterproof wraps can be reused if not soiled (always use a new wrap for the night) and the only additional items required are nappy fasteners.  


There are various different folds that can be used with prefolds, muslins and terry nappies.  Two of the easiest folds are 'the pad fold' and 'the angel fold.'  

1.  The Pad Fold

This is the easiest way to use a prefold.  Simply fold the prefold along the horizontal stiching lines so you are left with one horizontal pieces of fabric (like a pad!) and simply place inside the wrap, fastening the wrap on baby.  

This fold is really simple to use, however, containment is less as the prefold is not shaped around the baby's legs or fastened around their lower half.  Great for a quick nappy change and easy to prepare multiple nappies for an outing.

2.  The Angel Fold

The angel fold is popular because it is easy and straightforward to fold, and provides a decent level of containment.  Once folded around baby, the prefold is fastened together using nappy fasteners, with a waterproof wrap added to finish. 

The infographic below takes you through a few more popular folds that can be used with prefold nappies.

How To Prefold cloth nappies inforgraphic


This may sound daunting, but don't worry - it's really not!  All you need to do to customise your prefold for use at night is work on boosting the nappy.  This means you could choose to add a microfleece liner on top of the prefold (where the nappy touches baby's bottom) and an absorbent booster (or two!) such as bamboo or hemp between the prefold and the nappy wrap. 

This combination, should provide a good amount of absorbency for a newborn and is a good option for night use, particularly as bulkiness is not an issue at night.

Prefolds are a great way of working with reusable cloth nappies in a more economical and simple way.  They work particularly well for newborns and premature babies, giving a nice snug fit with the added security of a waterproof wrap for extra 'bombproof' protection!  

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