Our Brands - Spotlight on BEZISA-Nature's Little Ones

Our Brands - Spotlight on BEZISA

Where The BEZISA Story Began

BEZISA was the dream of founder Janneke van Bokkem who wanted to lead by example to her children, showing them that there is more to life than "work, choices, online worlds and luxury."  Creating something out of nothing, BEZISA was born - first working out of the family home, then eventually scaling enough to move to an old school building in Woerden, The Netherlands.

BEZISA workshop Woerden, The Netherlands.

All About The BEZISA Brand

BEZISA is a sleek, design-led brand that is inspired by nature, and cares about the well-being of people on the planet and its future.  The love for people and nature is tangible, with a focus on eco-friendly, sustainable materials at the forefront of the brand's products, and a keen sense of social responsibility.

All BEZISA designs, materials, colours and sleek shapes are heavily inspired by the peaceful world of nature.  Janneke and her team aim to translate this soothing peace to babies through their designs, in a world where life is fast-paced and often over stimulating.  

BEZIA designs take time to create, and only the most beautiful, natural materials will suffice.  Sustainability and honesty is the BEZISA goal.  All products are manufactured in The Netherlands, with everything being manufactured in an ethical and honest way.

All materials used in production by BEZISA are carefully selected, and are friendly and sustainable according to the required safety standards.  The brand also tries to keep waste to a minimum by re-using boxes and padding materials they receive.  All leftover materials are then taken to nursery's and primary schools in the neighbourhood for arts and crafts.


BEZISA wood rattle and leather pacifier strap

BEZISA Social Responsibility

BEZISA actively supports organisations that help people who would otherwise struggle, develop skills to participate in society.  The brand works with Booghgoed, where people with congenital brain injuries are treated, guided and helped with reintegration in a very personal way.  They support BEZISA with the sewing of their seed bags amongst other things.  

In addition, BEZISA works closely with Ferm Werk, a local social workshop in which people who are further away from the labour market due to mental health work.


BEZISA lifestyle image with baby and hanging mobile


Handicraft is an art and something you must master.   BEZISA believes that in this fast-paced, money focussed world, it seems almost forgotten how beautiful and valuable handicraft can be.  The brand has a permanent team of talented staff who have their own way of working. Perfectionist, cozy and chaotic all at the same time!

BEZISA hopes to offer something that will encourage all of us, to step back and connect with each other and the beautiful world around is.  Taking time to view, study, enjoy and listen to the serene sounds of nature.

BEZISA.  Where the love of design and nature come together.

Nature's Little Ones Round Logo

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