Our Brands - Spotlight on HEVEA

HEVEA Began As A Question

The HEVEA brand began with founder, Terese Hoffeldt, who started HEVEA shortly after becoming a mother and wishing to make a difference in the world.  Like many mothers before her, Terese started questioning whether she was doing the very best she could for her daughter and started questioning whether the items she was surrounding her with, were the right ones. 

Terese found herself looking for an alternative to the many plastic products she was giving her such as toys and dummies, and when she saw the endless possibilities that natural rubber has to offer, she knew she had found her alternative, and the vision of HEVEA took shape!


HEVEA colourful rubber pacifiers and flowers


HEVEA Striving To Be Better

The HEVEA story is all about leaving a positive fingerprint on the world, and creating a more mindful way of taking care of the planet we will leave for future generations.  The HEVEA brand was born of an urge to do better.

The lack of natural options available was what made the brand turn to Hevea Brasiliensis – natural rubber which can replace many forms of plastic.  Hevea decomposes naturally and can be reused to make new products. 

The natural rubber the hevea tree produces is the foundation of all the products in the HEVEA range.  All HEVEA products are made from the natural rubber sap and the wood, which is biodegradable. Using natural rubber, rather than synthetic rubber made from oil, acts against climate change by increasing the number of trees and cutting back on the use of fossil fuels.  Great for the environment! 

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