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Where It All Began

Rubens Barn is a brand that believes in developing children's empathy through play to help them become compassionate and kind adults.  Rubens Barn dolls are high quality Swedish designed, soft handmade dolls, all with happy unique characters!

Baby with Rubens Barn Ecobuds dolls

The brand was created by ceramic designer Ewa Jarenskog and her friend, apparel designer Teruko Wahlström who wanted to create a product that captured the expressions of Ewa’s clay models in soft fabric, and to create a friend that would last a childhood of play.  With this in mind, coupled with the strong belief in the importance of developing empathy through play, and that children should not be hurried out of their childhood, Rubens Barn was born, and these beliefs are what guide the brand to this day.

Handmade Hugs

A Rubens Barn handmade doll takes over 100 different steps by hand to create!  The brand have worked very closely with a family run producer for more than 16 years who exclusively create Rubens Barn, with most of the highly skilled seamstresses having been with them from the beginning, perfecting their craft and helping shape Rubens Barn to what it is today. 

The faces of a Rubens Barn doll are sculptured in soft fabric, for a more emotional and realistic look. The eyes are important which is why they are embroidered, and are what brings the dolls to life.  In combination with their warm cheeky smiles, a Rubens Barn doll will become an irresistible friend!  Handmade hugs and handmade happiness!  

Rubens Barn EcoBuds sitting on chair


Sustainable Materials

'Barn' means children in Swedish and children are the focus of the Rubens Barn brand, which is why there is a strong focus on the materials used in creating all Rubens Barn handmade dolls.  Hair, skin and clothes for Rubens Barn organic cotton dolls such as the EcoBuds and the Mini EcoBuds are made with 100% certified organic cotton.  All dolls can be machine washed at 30°C and tumble dried in low heat. 

Boy playing with Rubens Barn EcoBuds 

A child playing and interacting with a Rubens Barn doll, developing empathy, to later become a more understanding and sociable adult is what motives the brand.  This focus on the emotional education of babies and children is what makes the Rubens Barn brand a unique and considered proposition, with eco-friendly dolls that make the perfect companions for boys and girls alike!


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