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A Family Affair

Saga Copenhagen is a brand all about family and sustainability, coupled with a healthy dose of style and gorgeous aesthetics.  The term 'Saga' itself comes from the old Norse concept meaning 'a tale of life or family.'

Behind the brand are Ole and Charlotte who run an interior design business which is in its 17th year, and have a great deal of experience.  It's clear to see the strong design focus in all elements of Saga Copenhagen products.  The other half of the company consists of their daughter Ida and their son-in-law Joachim who have experience in the creative world and communication across cultures.  A true cross-generational family business!

Saga Copenhagen baby model shot on bed with Groa teether

SAGA Copenhagen Environmental Awareness

Saga Copenhagen as a brand strives to be as ecological and environmentally aware as possible, with a real focus on sustainability and the planet that we leave behind for our children and future generations.  For this reason, Saga Copenhagen chose to become GOTS-certified from the very beginning. 

What Is GOTS Certification?  

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is an internationally recognised eco-label in the textile industry, which stands for ecology and corporate social responsibility.  

When a product is GOTS certified, it means that the fabric is 100% organic. This is ensured throughout the process from the seed being planted on the cotton field, until the product has been processed and packaged.

GOTS certification also guarantees social responsibility through good working conditions in all the factories Saga Copenhagen work with. This ensures fair wages and working hours, high security, no child or forced labour, and no harassment or abuse at any of their factories.

You can read more about GOTS here: www.global-standard.org



Saga Copenhagen rabbit rattle and pacifier clip with dummy

All About Design

Saga Copenhagen designs are calm with harmonised colours that are gentle and timeless.  Their trademark can be found in their gentle, considered colour palettes, deliciously soft and sustainable high quality textiles, and minimalistic designs.

You can rest assured that when you buy a Saga Copenhagen product, you are getting the safest, most environmentally friendly pieces for your child, organic and free of harmful chemicals. 

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