Reusable Nappies - Which Fabrication Should I Choose?

If you're using a 2-part reusable nappy system, a good place to start is to think about what nappy fabrication will work for you and your lifestyle.  Don't forget, you'll need a waterproof nappy wrap to go on the top of whichever nappy you choose, whether it's cotton, organic cotton, microfibre or bamboo.

LittleLamb Cotton Reusable Nappy Stack


Cotton is a robust fabric, washes well and will last you a long time.  A great consideration if you're planning on using reusable nappies for several babies over many years.  Organic cotton is the best eco-friendly, sustainable option because it uses less water than conventional cotton, is pesticide free, and helps farmers feed their families.  Organic farmers always grow other crops alongside their cotton and these crops can provide farming families and their communities with abundant food supply and another vital source of income.


Bamboo is an extremely absorbent fabric, quoted to be up to 40% more absorbent than cotton which means the nappy itself is less 'bulky.  Longevity may be slightly less than cotton, but with care taken in washing, can still last a couple of babies.  It is worth noting that no bamboo fabric can be organic.  All bamboo fibre organic standard fails during the manufacturing process.  However, LittleLamb only use bamboo fibre that comes with the OEKO-TEX® certification, which is as close to organic as bamboo can get!

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These are the ultimate fast drying nappies, and are designed for when drying space and time are limited.  Microfibre do need to be changed more often to stop the chance of leaks, however, they dry quickly so a large quantity is not a requirement.  The nature of microfibre means the nappy is slightly more bulky than both cotton and bamboo options.

Customer feedback suggests that with the new improved LittleLamb wrap you will need one wrap for every three nappy changes unless it's soiled with poo. LittleLamb recommend you don't use the same wrap for more than twelve hours so always use a fresh wrap before bedtime.

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