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Reusable Nappy Wraps: What Are They & Do I Need To Use Them?


The nappy wrap is the waterproof aspect of the 2-part nappy system.  The nappy wrap is placed over the fabric fitted nappy ( most often bamboo, organic cotton, cotton or a microfibre nappy).    

With the LittleLamb 'bombproof' reusable nappy wrap, super soft polyester is used and a urethane film is bonded to the inside of the wrap.  They are pressed together, and as they are round there are still gaps in between big enough to let air molecules pass through but small enough to stop all the larger fluid molecules.  

LittleLamb 2-part nappy system infographic 

The wraps are designed to fit around the LittleLamb shaped nappies perfectly, so this system works its best when used together.  Without the wrap the nappy has no waterproof cover.

With the new improved LittleLamb wrap you will need one wrap for every three nappy changes unless it's soiled with poo. LittleLamb recommend you don't use the same wrap for more than twelve hours so always use a fresh wrap before bedtime.

For peace-of-mind, LittleLamb forensically test the wraps. They are hypoallergenic, chemically inert, and fully conform to the E.U. REACH regulations for dyestuffs. All the components used next to baby's immature skin pass the OEKO-TEX® standard 100 tests for garments. 

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