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The Best Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel & Glass Baby Bottles

As a new parent, I remember trying to navigate the minefield of information out there when it came to researching the best sustainable baby bottle options for our son!  One thing I was keen to do, was to avoid plastic as much as possible, and was therefore looking for a safe, non-toxic baby bottle solution.  Although my son was breastfed, I did also choose to express for a lot of his feeding journey so bottles were very much a priority! 

Originally, I started researching BPA free bottles, however, I quickly came across many articles and research pieces explaining that 'BPA free' does not necessarily mean safe or non-toxic, and in fact is becoming a bit of a 'buzzword' or some might say a smokescreen in an attempt to make plastics more acceptable when actually there are health concerns around BPA's being a suspected endocrine disruptor. 


This then got me thinking about whether there were any glass bottle options out there for babies, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were!  HEVEA is a brand I was already aware of, due to having had an eye on their natural rubber pacifiers (dummies) for once the baby was born, so I was more than delighted to see that they also offered glass baby bottles in both 120ml and 240ml which I immediately snapped up, and which worked so well for us right through the first year or so of our son's life. 


The HEVEA glass baby bottles are great because the glass does not react to the milk or water in the bottle, so after you have cleaned the bottle the milk will not taste or smell of what was previously in it unlike so many plastic bottles!  The HEVEA bottles are also made of pure borosilicate glass, which is both heat and thermal shock resistant, so all in all perfect for baby and us!

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I also had not been aware at the time that stainless steel baby bottles were an option, and they offer exactly the same benefits as using a glass baby bottle, namely that they are:

  • Glass and stainless steel baby bottles are BPA free
  • They do not take on the plastic taste that some bottles do
  • They are non-toxic and free of nasty chemicals 

It's fantastic that there are great sustainable baby bottle options available as viable alternatives to plastic bottles, and if I were to do my time again I would also use the Klean Kanteen stainless steel baby bottles in both 5oz (148ml) and 9oz (266ml) from the Kid Kanteen stainless steel reusable bottle range.

The Kid Kanteen stainless steel baby bottles are safe, healthy and toxin-free, with a really appealing contoured design and are reusable, recyclable and dishwasher safe which is a must have in our home!


Glass and stainless steel baby bottles make for great alternatives to the traditional plastic option.  Remember, BPA free does not always mean safe or free of toxins, so using a glass or stainless steel baby bottle will give you real peace of mind in knowing that baby is getting the best healthy start in life without unnecessary exposure to dangerous, toxic chemicals!

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