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What Are Pocket Nappies & How Do They Work?


As an all-in-one nappy system, pocket nappies are easy to use, and usually very quick drying. Pocket nappies hold no absorption capabilities in themselves.  There is usually an opening (or pocket) at the back of the nappy where you can add a nappy booster, as many as required to increase absorbency. 

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Pocket nappies do not provide the same amount of containment or absorbency as a two-part system such as a bamboo organic cotton together with a waterproof nappy wrap, however they are easy and convenient to use and are ideal for an introduction to reusable nappies, childcare or your change bag.



With a pocket nappy, you get one nappy but multiple sizes.  The sizing is changed by popping together the poppers meaning this nappy can take your baby from birth to potty.

1) Use the poppers below the ones for the waist fastening (2 rows of 3 poppers) to adjust the height of the nappy to suit babies size.

2) Insert booster into pocket of the nappy. Add a liner (optional).

3) Fasten nappy on baby ensuring that when it is done up you can run a finger along the leg seam.

For LittleLamb one-size pocket nappies, you will need size 2 boosters to fit the nappies.  Two double thickness bamboo boosters are always included with each nappy.  Baba & Boo pocket nappies come fitted with two bamboo mix boosters for maximum absorbency, and the nappy features a pocket at the back allowing you to fit in the absorbent nappy inserts.

LittleLamb one size pocket nappies


When changing your baby you have to dispose of the poo - do not place a nappy full of poo into your bucket or wet bag.  If you are using a washable liner and it's soiled, hold it firmly over the toilet and stretch it to release any solids into the toilet.  If it is a runny poo, hold the liner in the toilet and flush, whilst rubbing it with a toilet brush - but ensure the nappy bucket/bag is close or you will drip water over the floor.  A LittleLamb hanging nappy pail would be perfect for this.

LittleLamb hanging nappy pail


If you are using a disposable liner, dispose of the liner into the bin.  Make sure there are no gaps at each side by the leg opening and the boosters have not bunched together, otherwise the liquid will miss the boosters and may not be absorbed, leading to a leak.  Nappies should sit in the ‘knicker-line’.

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