Wooden Teething Rings

Say goodbye to sore gums with our range of eco-friendly, wooden teething rings and teething rattles that will soothe and comfort baby.  

Each natural wooden teether is designed for small baby hands, and is ideal for soothing and massaging irritated gums.  Our range of soft, tactile wooden baby teethers are the perfect sustainable gift idea for any newborn!

 Wooden baby teething rings are safe, durable and a fantastic option to help soothe painful gums.  Natural, non-toxic and with antibacterial properties, your little ones will find great relief chewing on a wooden teething ring.

For 5 benefits of wooden toys for babies and toddlers see our blog post here.

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Organic Cotton Wooden Teething Ring Mauve-Teething Rings & Toys-Saga Copenhagen-Nature's Little Ones
Wooden Teething Ring Moonlight Blue
Wooden Teething Ring Yellow
Baby Wood & Silicone Teething Ring Sunburst
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Baby Wood & Silicone Teething Ring Sea Blue
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