Huboo - Nature's Little Ones Fulfilment Partner: COVID-19 Update

What Measures Have Huboo Technologies Put In Place?

"At Huboo, we are running business as usual, and have put the following measures in place: 
  • All our employees have access to hand sanitisers on their hubs and desks, along with hand washing and cleaning facilities.
  • We are having regular meetings with employees and we have implemented a strict cleaning rota throughout the day to avoid bacteria spreading.
  • We have issued masks for everyone, which are changed at midday with fresh ones.
  • Our employees now have staggered lunch times - no more than 6 people (1 per table) are in the staff area at one time.
  • Our flow to work model means all our employees are trained on every aspect of the business, allowing employees to step in to areas struggling if and when needed. 
We are continuously adapting to the constant COVID-19 developments, and will continue to update you accordingly."