Hello!  Ida here.  Thanks for stopping by!

Nature's Little Ones is a dream that has finally become a reality, and I am overjoyed to share my 'baby' with you.  It's been a long, bittersweet journey.  It all began as a joint venture with my late husband and I working on bringing my vision to life in launching an online, modern and eco-friendly boutique for babies and children.

Nature's Little Ones was 'born' in early March 2020, and heartbreakingly - Niklas passed away in June of the same year from a long struggle with cancer, leaving both myself, and our 2-year old son behind.  I'm so glad he was able share in its launch and see my dream become reality.  Nature's Little Ones is both part of his legacy, and the driving force that keeps me pushing forward in this strange new normal I now find myself in.


Here at Nature's Little Ones, we truly believe all children deserve the best start in life, one that does not include toxic chemicals or harmful substances, and believe that style and sustainability can definitely go hand in hand. 

After the birth of our son, we found ourselves searching out sleek, non-toxic, natural products with minimalistic colours and designs that were both good for him and the environment (Niklas was Danish, aesthetics played a big part!)  The products that we source from our suppliers use only the finest, natural, eco-friendly materials such as 100% organic cotton, natural rubber and wood, and are stylish as well as sustainable.  

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do, and that's why you'll find we choose to work with only the most eco-friendly suppliers, from product to packaging, who support our values of transparency, sustainability and quality.  

We strive to offer choice, high quality products at competitive prices and a high level of customer service on a personal level where each customer feels listened to and valued.

We also want to create a community where we value each other, learn and encourage each other's efforts in being ethical and responsible in our consumption, working together in our responsibility to look after our planet for the future of all children.

You can find out more about all of our carefully selected brands on our brand spotlight pages in the blog section of our website.

I hope you love our products as much as we do, and warmly welcome you to Nature's Little Ones!