2pk BIBS De Lux Silicone Dummies 0-36m Ivory/Sage


Designed and made in Denmark, the BIBS De Lux dummy has a round lightweight shield carefully designed to curve away from the sensitive and delicate skin around the baby's mouth to ensure minimum contact with the baby's nose and mouth, which means less chance of moisture build-up from saliva that can cause rashes and sore spots.

De Lux is a modern and timeless pacifier, with an elegant hidden front casing in an enhanced matte finish for a premium look. The shield is made large, so it is easy to print a name on, making it perfect for nursery!

The one size silicone teat is round and promotes a similar tongue placement and sucking technique as when breastfeeding.

The nipple is equipped with a valve, letting out air when the baby closes down on the nipple.  This ventilation system causes the air from inside the nipple to be pushed out through the valve thereby flattening the nipple to shape naturally after the baby's oral cavity.

Need some help?  See our blog post on how to choose a dummy for a baby here..

Size: One size from birth to approx 36 months.

Pack of 2.

Our why to buy?  We love the sleek aesthetically pleasing design of these dummies!  The BIBS De Lux silicone dummies make a beautiful addition to your collection of baby essentials.

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These pacifiers are easy to clean, sterilising in boiling water and soaking for 5 minutes.  Ensure hot water is squeezed out of the teat when the nipple is sufficiently cooled.

Each dummy is machine tested for flaws, ensuring a perfect product every time!  All BIBS dummies comply with the European Standard EN 1400+A2.

Colour:  Ivory/Sage

Material:  Pacifier teat is made from 100% silicone.  The shield is made of 100% food-safe material. Completely free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

Pacifiers are made with natural rubber and may expand with use.

How to sterilise the pacifiers: When cleaning the pacifier, just follow these three simple steps:

1) Put the pacifiers in a clean bowl. Pour them with boiling water.

2) Let the pacifiers soak for approx. 5 min.

3) Pick them up and let them dry on a clean towel.

TIP: When the child is over 3 months old, you can also rinse the pacifier by placing them in a sieve and pouring them with boiling water. This method is partly faster and partly avoids water collecting inside the seat part.

Caution! We often receive inquiries from parents who have followed the National Board of Health’s recommendation to cook the pacifier for 5 minutes before first use and daily afterwards. The result is broken pacifiers.

Water in nipple

After cleaning it is not unusual that water remains in the nipple. This is because all our pacifier nipples are equipped with a valve, letting out air when the baby closes down on the nipple. This ventilation system causes the air from inside the nipple to be pushed out through the valve thereby flattening the nipple to shape naturally after the baby's oral cavity. The valve is also the reason why water can be present inside the nipple after cleaning and sterilization. If this is the case, simply just squeeze the nipple flat to press out the excess water. If water drops remain in the nipple, just let the pacifier air-dry. 

How to clean my pacifier the right way? – BIBS US (

Do not cook!
They are not meant to be boiled and are therefore destroyed by the high heat. Instead, follow the instructions above, and you are sure to kill the bacteria without compromising the durability of the pacifier.

How often should I clean them? Part of good pacifier hygiene is frequent cleaning.  The younger the child, the more important it is to protect it from bacteria and to maintain good pacifier hygiene.

Premature infants and babies up to 3 months need more thorough and frequent cleaning than babies over 3 months of age. Therefore, the pacifier must be cleaned more often when the child is under 3 months.

0-3 months: The pacifier must be scaled every time it has been on the floor. In addition, the pacifier must be scalded at least once a day.

3+ months: Rinse the pacifier once a day and rinse it under the cold tap if it has been on the floor.

For hygiene reasons we recommend replacing baby's dummy after 3 months.


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